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LOK fanfic Amon x Asami

Av GLORIOUS LADY LEGS - 1 oktober 2014 20:40

                       ----------------------------------------3The tour-------------------------------------------
Asami wakes up and half sitting up, she sees an arm around her waist. Terrified by the thought of whose arm it is, she tries to get out of bed but the arm holding tightly around her waist and pulls her back. Asami lies perfectly still and looking up at the ceiling, she hears how her heart beats loud and wonder if he can hear it. Asami his feel breath on his skin, she turns slowly .
"Good morning my love"
Asami may not make a sound, she just stares at the man without the mask that by the way is better looking than she thought, in the end she comes back to reality.
"I'm not your love, let me go!" she tries to coax away from his grasp, but only gets drawn closer to him so that her head is intimately connected with his chest, Asami pinch her eyes tight. They are lying so for a while until Amon gives Asami a kiss on the forehead and then rise up and gets dressed. "He does not seem to care about that I can see him changing clothes... but why would he" thinks Asami.
"I have some errands this morning so Neima and Toka will be with you, I have asked them to give you a tour of the place" He turns around and goes to the bed where Asami still lays and kisses on the forehead again. It was as if she could not move, or was it just that she imagined? Amon turns around and goes to the door but stops abruptly, "Oh yes, there are clothes to you in this closet" Amon pointing to the closet closest to the wall and then walks out of the rom.
Asami just want to lie in bed and be alone but if she will try to escape, she must have the possible escape routes and weapons, so she gets up and goes to the closet. Asami looks at a whole set of new dresses, some living some finer, she does not like the idea of having one of the dresses he bought, luckily sees Asami the clothes she came in hanging on a hanger. Asami takes his clothes and combs her hair, when she comes out in the hallway she sees Neima and Toka standing there waiting for her.
"Finally, the time it took" nuts Toka.
"Toka" Neima Toka gives an angry look and then turns to Asami smile. "How beautiful you are, shall we start the tour?"
"Sure," said Asami, she responds Neima's smiling and trying to sound a bit happy.
After a while they come to the dorms where there is a few equalists.
"Here are the dormitories where we sleep when we do not sleep at home, the rooms are shared so that the guys sleep in these rooms and the girls in the rooms next to" explain Neima. A guy with black hair, orange eyes and equalist attire jumps down from a bunk beds and goes against Asami. He arrives grabs Asami's hand and kisses it.
"And what's your name my sweet?"
"A Asami" she blushes lightly.
"Adou you know this is Amon's girl and they are getting married, so hands off"
"Take it easy Neima, I just greeted"
"I know how you are with girls, let's go to the next room Asami" Neima pulls her back out the room and they start's to go to the girls room.
"Just so you know, he's a player, watch out for him," warns Neima.
"Oh, ok" Asami puts it to memory.
In the girls' dormitories they are met by a blonde girl with blue eyes and confident stance.
She snorts, "Well, so you are Amon's new pet? Not impressive, it was believed that he atleast would choose one with good taste and beautiful as me, not because there is someone so beautiful as I, but still. You know he has different girls all the time huh? Or did you think you were special? "she laughs and continues. "Just so you know Amon's mine, it's me he's going to marry. You're just another slut he has brought here to pleasure himself and then throw away, just so that you understand it"
"I'm not a slut!!!" Asami frowns.
"Whatever," She says casually and go.
"Sorry about that., That was Tzira, she can be a real bitch, but she is a talented chi blocker, one of the best Actually, and as you noticed she is in love with Amon but you should not worry about her or what she said. Amon have had a few girls here but he's not a player "Neima put a hand Asami's shoulder. "Let's go to the next room"
Asami feels depressed by Tzira's comments. "I wonder if I'm just here to pleasure Amon in bed? Or perhaps I'm here to be his wife, I would not be here regardless but I don't want to be treated like a slut" thinks Asami.
Toka who remained gives Adou warning. "You know what Amon can do and what he will do if someone tries to take his girl ... For your own good stay away from Asami"
"Yeah yeah, I know, take it easy Toka"
Toka leaves the room and closes the door with a light slap.
"We'll see," Adou says with a sly smile on his face.
Toka meets up Neima and Asami in the corridor and they continue to the next room.


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